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Nanabianca is a startup accelerator based in Florence and founded by the former founders of Dada.
Nanabianca in Italian means white dwarf, a small star but with very high density and gravity. We use this definition as a metaphor for our mission, to create a space with high technological density and people gravity where entrepreneurs can find all they need to startup their companies.Startup in the space is not just a slogan, we have built a physical space in the heart of Florence where entrepreneurs can work in a startup-friendly environment.
We believe that a hi tech space where ideas and business models can mash up is one of the most important element in the growth process of a startup and that this, together with knowledge, low management costs and our network, will allow us to help startups becoming successful.Our mission is to build a program supporting the startup phase of new digital companies utilizing capital, knowledge, mentorship and code.

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